Celebrating the 4th

DSC_0445-44This year was spent celebrating July 4th with the Fort Worth Symphony and some good friends. They have an outdoor concert featuring all of America’s favorites. Well there was one foreign composer, Tchaikovski. He is known for the 1812 Overture. It is better know for the song with the cannon shooting off. Well it makes a great firework song.

It would be great if everyone would send in their favorite 4th of July photo memories. Maybe it was this past weekend or something from years past. I know that we all save those special photos. Lets share our memories with every one. It would be great if you could include a line or two telling us about who is in the photo and where they were taken.  I have started by posting up a few of my own.

Firework 29-1I have linked them to The Photo Guy’s site where the rest of the galleries are.  You can comment to this post or send them directly to me    thephotoguy64@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you


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