Essential Gear

So, What really is the essential gear you will be needing?  Isn’t the camera really all that you need?  We have talked about different ways to nail the correct exposure by adjusting the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.    When you start to add gear you are able to go beyond the limits of your camera. I believe that the first essential gear you need to think about is a camera bag. They are available in many shapes and designs. Look for one that has enough storage space and has ample padding to keep things from being damaged. I currently use a camera backpack as I do most of my shoots on location. I can customize the inside for the different gear needed for each location.                                                                                         I can say this about any additional gear you may be considering to buy. There will always be something newer, more shinny that has more bells or whistles.  If you are still able to produce fantastic images with your current camera then why replace it? Sure, I get it. We all want the latest and greatest, but ask yourself “is it needed?”

Today we are talking about essential gear. The added accessories that make life easier for the photographer. Here are some essentials to consider.

External Flash: Most cameras have a small pop up flash that help to add some light. Because the light is directed directly at the person, you often will get that deer in the headlights look or red eye where your  model looks like a monster. Investing in an external flash can get you past this. You are able to aim the flash towards a wall or the ceiling.  This is called bounce flash. The wall or ceiling  will help to disperse the light and create a softer light. Here are some examples of some the different flash effects.

Flash, part of your Essential Gear
Flash Snoot          /      Flash Bender      /               Flash Diffuse                 Max  Highlights          /     Full light spread       /    Even Pattern
Flash, part of your Essential Gear
Camera Flash  /       Straight on Flash   /         Flash Card      Basic   flash            /             Deer Looking      /       Adds a “Little”light

With direct flash you will see more shadows  and possibly blown out highlights.  When you add a diffuser or reflector, it will spread the light out and soften the image.  You may have to use a higher flash output because not all of the light is getting to the subject as a result of making the light softer. What you will gain is an evenly lit subject with no harsh shadows.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to make  some memories on your next photo shoot!

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