Make It Your Own

There are as many different types of photographers as there are cameras to take photos with.

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Mom taking photos of her little girls all dressed up.


Dad is at the ball field with little Joey waiting for the big hit or a catch that will make him a star.

It has been said that the best camera to use is the one that you have with you. While I would agree something is better than nothing, I would offer that  with a little effort and planning, a better solution is close by.  When sharing photos of loved ones, places we travel to or events we attend, I believe we all want to have the very best image to show off.

flying 8-1We each have our own story, our own path, something that gets us going and  when we see it, BAM!

We just have to shoot it, post it and wait for the masses to love it.

Can we improve  on the photos we take?  Would we stand a little taller  if our images have that extra POP !!  Sure !!  So what do we do, where do we start?

I believe that the best images are those that tell a story. It may be a single photo or a series of images that knit a story together. It is up to the audience to decide if it is a great image or another snapshot. Our job as an artist is to render images that  balance exposure , composition and style.

You may be asking yourself  ” How can I think about all of this while little Susie is jumping on the bed”?  I don’t want to miss the shot. Join me and explore how all this ties together in my series, Make It Your Own


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