2017 National Kidney Walk, Arlington Texas

The Photo Guy was asked to be the event photographer for the Kidney Walk in Arlington, Texas. Why you may ask how does this apply to me. I want to first share my  gallery link with you, here you will find the days memories.  Here is “Why We Walk”  from the Kidney Foundation. I learned so much about kidneys and I hope that you do to.

           Kidney Walk . Arlington Texas 2017
Kidney Walk . Arlington Texas 2017

We all should be trying to improve at what we love doing. For some it is shooting baskets or maybe fishing. For me it is photography. I enjoy  sharing what I have learned so that others may benefit and either take better photos or have more fun doing it. Of course if both things happen, win / win. I have been posting about getting the right exposure and some tips on Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO settings and how they work together.   I had a chance last Saturday  to take my own advise. The setting was an outdoor pavilion, full sun & starting at 9:00 am.

If I was listening to myself I would know to use a low ISO setting because of the bright conditions. That would leave me to play with shutter speed and aperture to get the correct exposure. I would need to position people to keep the sun out of their faces. That shot only produces squints. If the sun was behind them, I would have to use fill flash or a reflector to get some light on their faces. But if  the light comes at a 45 degree angle, you get some natural light on the subjects. You may still need something to fill in the shadows, but it is a good place to start.    I was able to go to the location a couple of day before the Kidney Walk to check the light. I was looking for prime locations that may benefit from from shade. It would provide a more even light.

Let’s see how I did.

Side light over the left shoulder, still provided an even light
One of the few places where there was nice even shade






Found a small bit of shade, notice how bright it is behind

I was able to work with the surroundings and find some favorable locations. You may find yourself shooting at high noon someday, but if you know what to look for, you can produce some really good memories.

Taken at the start of the walk, sun coming in from the left

The main point is to be ready.      You will be able to enjoy yourself knowing all the technical stuff is taken care of. Remember , get the correct exposure, frame the shot and you can                                Make some Memories too



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